Couples Relationship Group

Relationships are fundamental to all aspects of our lives – romantic, social, family and work.  Our personal happiness and general sense of well-being is often influenced by our primary relationships.

However, for many reasons we may find that we have relationship problems. Sometimes we end up in a repetitive cycle of relationships that uncannily follow a similar course and end up in the same problematic pattern.  Sometimes we find we are repeating patterns from our family.  Our early models can have a profound impact on how we create our relationships (often outside of our conscious awareness) and thus we may unwittingly co-create our relationship problems. Communication issues frequently appear in relationships and often seem to be unreasonably thorny.  We can feel frustratingly unheard, unacknowledged and/or misunderstood.  Worse yet, nothing seems to make things better.

In the context of a safe, supportive environment, participants will explore their relationship styles.  Using a combination of process-oriented work and topical discussion we will take a fairly sophisticated look at relationships.  Through this work participants will both learn about many facets of their relationship styles, work on relationship skills and hopefully feel much more capable in their relationships.

Sally Lowder, LCSW and Scott Schulkin, PhD, MFT will facilitate the group. For more information, please call 415-440-0500 or email

Group Therapy

Dads Group

This is a group designed for fathers of all ages (and who have children of various ages). In a safe, protected space, we will consider the many facets of what it means to be a father and how one’s experiences of being fathered and mentored impact the experience of fathering. Standards of masculinity have changed in the recent past, and so have expected roles of fathers. Contemporary fathers are often working against ingrained and over-learned models. This working against an unconscious internalized model can create tension and a variety of different feelings.

Having a range of ages and stages will allow the group to serve as a support to each other in fathering and in exploration. Becoming aware of oneself as a father, and working to make conscious decisions, rather than acting from an unconscious internalized model, will help one become a more present, mindful father.

Scott Schulkin, PhD, MFT will facilitate the group. For more information, please call 415-440-0500 or email