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Low Self-Esteem, Fear of Rejection and Lack of Intimacy: Three Common Sources of Relationship Problems

These three common issues: low self-esteem, fear of rejection and lack of intimacy seem to constellate in many relationships and often cause subtle, gradual but very significant damage to the relationship.  They can act quietly, like an undiagnosed illness in the background – eating away at the fabric of the relationship.  Often, what is left is bickering and fighting – which may actually be an unconscious attempt at establishing some form of intimacy – even if it is a negative way (better than not at all!).

10 Easy Tips to Help You Improve Your Relationship

Here is a “Top 10” list of tips that can help you improve your relationship.  These tips come from our experience with individual, couples and group therapy.  Here goes: 1. Don’t blame your partner.          Often times we expect our partner to be perfect (despite the fact that we are not!).  We often hold our …

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