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(Borges and) The Exquisite Vulnerability of Being Known

Jorge Luis Borges’ beautiful and seemingly simple poem, Simplicity for Haydée Lange captures perhaps the highest human aspiration – to allow oneself to be known.  The beauty of the poem belies the extraordinary achievement such intimate acceptance represents.  Of course, at some level, we all want to “simply be accepted as part of an undeniable Reality.”

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10 Easy Tips to Help You Improve Your Relationship

Here is a “Top 10” list of tips that can help you improve your relationship.  These tips come from our experience with individual, couples and group therapy.  Here goes: 1. Don’t blame your partner.          Often times we expect our partner to be perfect (despite the fact that we are not!).  We often hold our

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Premarital Counseling

Marriage poses a paradox. We really do best in a marriage when we can be mature, understand our limitations and foibles and learn to be patient/mature with our spouse. However, there are strong regressive pulls in marriage. We often look to our partner to make up for things in our family of origin. We can benefit from appreciating the wonderful qualities of our partner, even from a dreamy perspective – however, we really do need to balance the dreaminess with the patience that comes from mature love.

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The Tall Child

A common phenomenon is when a child is tall, the adults around her expect more from her than is reasonable.  Let’s say the child is in 3rd grade, but she is as tall as a 5th grader.  Teachers and parents (as well as other adults) can often have the experience of demanding more from her

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