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Disappointment in Your Adventure

Has this happened to you?  You come to a new city in search of an adventure.  Maybe you moved with a partner.  Moving to a new city looked so exciting; but after about a year or two it’s unclear if this was a good choice.  There is a nagging sense of disappointment, sometimes just beyond the tip of the tongue.

You made a change.  It promised excitement, growth and new opportunities.  After a while, the long work hours and the fact that much of the higher wages go toward the ‘lifestyle’ take a toll.  High rent, being away from family, not having an established circle of friends all were underestimated in the stress they might bring.  All of this stress comes into the relationship. Often this stress and disappointment becomes an issue in the relationship and can come between both of you.  Many people experience a shift from a fast-paced adventure to an exhausting treadmill.  The constant stress of work, the lack of savings all create a sense of just treading water.

In order to thrive in your new city, you need to set limits, often in several important areas.  Setting limits to work, on commitments or even on adventures can help you regain a sense of balance.

By dealing with the various stressors, learning to set appropriate limits, developing a mindful appreciation of your life and your partner you can gain a new appreciation for living in your new home.  It’s your life and it’s time to reclaim it!  Call us, we can help.


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